Book a Test Drive

We’d love you to see for yourself the benefits that rugged mobile computing with Panasonic Toughbook can bring to your business. 

Please complete the form to book a loan or demo unit through Sektor; ​T&Cs apply. 

Terms and Conditions:

  • All demo units are invoiced at full retail price if unreturned. Please return with a copy of the dispatch docket or loan form.

  • Any damage to the loan unit will incur additional fees.

  • Maximum loan period is 2 weeks unless otherwise agreed by Sektor in writing.

  • Up to 20% restocking fee may be imposed for late returns (minimum $30).

  • Boxes and packaging must be kept tidy. Please use clear tape only.

  • Missing manuals, consumables, carry cases, cables and drivers will be charged for.

  • Freight is at the customers cost.

  • Person requesting the loan needs to be an authorised office of the Company or have approval from an authorised office.

  • All invoices will be made out to Company and the authorised officer per the loan evaluation form.

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